The AGNES machine is unique in delivering energy to deep skin depths to target the structures in the skin causing problems, while insulating superficial layers and avoid collateral damage to surface epidermis. The machine allows the operator to have exact control over power and pulse duration, so that risks of pigment change and downtime can be minimized.

Conditions that can be safely treated with AGNES machine includes: Acne, Comedones, Blackheads, Syringiomas, Wrinkles, Eye-bags, Chin fat pads and Lower face tightening.

AGNES Procedure

AGNES procedure is usually performed under local sedation, with oral analgesia if needed. The procedure is relatively painless, and usually lasts 20-30 minutes.

AGNES Result

Downtime is usually 3-5 days, swelling and redness is expected to subside within a week. The face can usually be covered with some foundation or tinted moisturizer. For superficial treatments of acne, syringomata and blackheads, no specific aftercare is needed. For deeper treatments of eye-bags and double chins, bruising is expected to last for 7-10 days. It can be controlled with oral analgesics and topical Hirudoid cream.

The beneficial effect of skin tightening is usually apparent in 2-6 months.

For optimal effect of skin rejuvenation, the treatment may be repeated after 3 months of initial treatment.

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