One could say that our nose is the most prominent part of our whole face; it can often affect first impressions during social encounters. The shape of our nose is determined by our genes. For example, Asian noses in Hong Kong in contrast to those of Caucasians have a less developed bony-cartilaginous framework and also thicker skin. Acquired defects such as trauma and accidents can also alter the shape of our noses. Cosmetic surgery to the nose, or nose job, can correct nose shape and harmonize facial features. Small details of nasal subunits such as the roof, nostrils and the tip of the nose can be refined and augmented through cosmetic surgery. Sometimes, functional problems such as impaired nasal breathing can also be corrected by nose job.

Nose Job Details

Essentially, a nose job involves the manipulation and reshaping of the nasal bone and nasal cartilage. This is achieved via hidden incisions in the nostrils and inside the nose, this allows the plastic surgeon to expose the bone and cartilaginous framework and thereby being able to work on and reshape the nose.

Nose Job Recovery, nose job healing time

Bruising and swelling will be healed within 2-4 weeks. The new shape of the nose should become apparent by the 7th week and will continue to improve over the next year.

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